I lived my childhood in an environment where working the land was synonym of passion.
I developed my pragmatism, as therefore my high interest in drawing and nature.
I spent my schoolchild time discovering drawing on my own, and after studies of biology and landscape design,  I decided to deepen this practical.
At the same time I took my first steps in working, I needed to meet my needs for artistic expression learning academic drawing through about a ten year.
I learned from studying documents and real subjects to observe shapes, decompose colors and play with contrast of shades and lights.
For five years, I continue my artistic research self-taught.
I take my time for watching living beauty through different techniques.
I tame watercolor in order to study plant morphological details. I also appropriate acrylic and pastel to study textures of animals and search for other drawing and painting techniques.
I invite you to discover the beginning of a long work about flora and fauna which offers happiness every season and never diminishes …

Nice trip!